PathwayImmigration NZ has announced two new pathways to residence for skilled migrants.

Pathway 1:

Fast-tracked ‘Straight to Residence’ pathway

The first is the Fast Tracked ‘Straight to Residence’ pathway. From September 2022, eligible migrants employed in one of 56 in-demand positions listed on INZ’s new ‘Green List’ can apply immediately for residence. Applications can be made either onshore or offshore.

Eligible positions are listed in Tier 1 of the Green List and include jobs in construction, engineering, health, ICT and some primary industries.

Work to Residence pathway

The second track is the new ‘Work to Residence’ pathway.  The first avenue under this pathway is that migrants can apply for residence after working for 2 years in eligible positions on the Green List.

Eligible positions are listed in Tier 2 of the Green List and include jobs in health; some trades as well as Teachers (Secondary and Early Childhood); and Dairy Farm Managers (which includes Assistant Farm Managers and Herd Managers).

Pathway 2:

The second avenue under this pathway is for migrants who are paid twice the median hourly rate.

What has happened to the Skilled Migrant Category?

The Skilled Migrant residence category is currently being reviewed by Immigration NZ. This pathway will be reopened later in 2022 after applications for the 2021 Resident Visa close on 31 July 2022.

Please get in touch with us to find out whether you may be eligible for residence under any of these new pathways.

Jim Ennion
Licensed Immigration Adviser