Starting from February 2024, a revised median wage of NZD $31.61 per hour will be integrated into the immigration system. Various visa categories, such as work and skilled residence visas, use wage thresholds or criteria linked to this median wage.

This adjustment in the median wage, effective February 2024, will trigger updates in several wage thresholds tied to it. Affected categories encompass the Accredited Employer Visa (AEWV), the Skilled Migrant Category, and select occupations governed by Sector Agreements and the Green List.

Additionally, the tourism and hospitality wage threshold are slated for an independent update in April 2024.

It’s worth noting that wage thresholds for the Parent category will be modified separately.

More detailed information regarding the implications for employers and specific dates will be provided by INZ as we draw closer to the implementation date.

Carol Wright

Licensed Immigration Adviser