We were hoping to provide ourselves and our valued clients with more clarity around the New 2021 Residency Visa category following the INZ webinar with advisers. Disappointingly we were merely retold the same information that we already had.

We were also given very vague dates about when we were going to get the much sort after details of the fees, the requirements, and the priorities in processing. We were initially told the end of October was the date, however, this date seems to have extended into November.

INZ confirmed that the eligible Work Visa categories are fixed and there are no exceptions.

Being in New Zealand (or Australia) on the 29 September 2021 or entering New Zealand on a long-term Critical Purpose visa as long as you arrive before 31 July 2022 is fixed and no exceptions will be granted.

We do know that the three criteria have been named as Settled, Skilled and Scarce.

  • Settled: Having been in New Zealand on or before 29 September 2018 until 29 September 2021 and having been in New Zealand for at least 812 days in that time frame. INZ confirmed that there will be no flexibility about this category.
  • Skilled: Being paid at or above the median wage (currently $27/hour), on 29 September 2021 and continue to be paid this amount until the date of application.
  • Scarce: To be working in a full-time, permanent (30 hours per week or more) role that is listed on the specific lists currently published on the INZ website.

We know that current residency partnership instructions are going to be used, meaning partnerships will need meet the current genuine and stable, enduring and credible test and will need to show “living together” for at least 12 months.

Current eligible work visa holders must stay lawful, meaning if their current work visa expires between now and when their residency application is decided they will need new work visas.

More details to follow when they are available was the common theme from all levels of INZ leaving us with more questions than answers.

We will as always keep our clients up to date with any real information and of course we are here to talk if needed.

Renee Asici

Licensed Immigration Adviser