Proof of funds to cover living costs

Applications will be accepted from offshore international students from 1 August 2022.  The Government will require applicants to prove they have NZ$20,000 per year for living costs. Primary and Secondary international students need to show they have NZ $17,000 to cover their living costs. In addition, students will need to pay their tuition fees for their first year or first programme of study (except for aviation students).

Post-study work rights

From 11 May 2022, students studying full-time for a minimum of 30 weeks for a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification will continue to be eligible for post-study work rights.

If studying a Graduate Diploma or Diploma at level 7 and other qualifications below Level 7 (excluding bachelor’s degrees), students will only obtain post-study work rights if their qualification is relevant to an occupation on INZ’s new ‘Green List.’

For students who have a non-degree qualification on the Green List, they will only be allowed to work in the occupation their qualification relates to. These students will be allowed to switch employers and work for less than the median wage.

There are 20 Green List occupations which have a direct pathway from their Level 7 and below qualification such as Construction Project Manager, 12 specific engineering roles, Electrical Engineering Technician, Secondary School Teacher, Early Childhood Teacher, Automotive Electrician and Diesel Mechanic.

Master’s and PhD students will continue to receive 3 years’ post-study work rights if they have spent 30 weeks in NZ full-time.

Students will no longer be able to apply for a second post-study work visa. Instead, they will need to apply for an Accredited Employer Work Visa earning the median wage.

Transitional provisions

People who have applied for a student visa before 11 May 2022 and who will apply for a post-study work visa before 11 May 2025, will be eligible for post-study work visas on the INZ policy in place prior to 11 May 2022.

For further information, please contact Greenstone Immigration.

Carol Wright
Licensed Immigration Adviser