DriverImmigration NZ has just announced the details of New Zealand’s transport sector agreement, which offers a 2-year work-to-residence pathway for skilled truck drivers, bus drivers, ship’s masters and deckhands. The main details are summarised below.

Bus driver median wage exemption

Bus drivers will have an exemption to the median wage threshold, requiring only $28 per hour, but will still be eligible for 3-year Accredited Employer Work Visas.

This median wage exemption only applies to Ministry of Education school bus drivers or those working for an employer who has signed the All Parties Memorandum of Understanding on Improving Bus Driver Pay and Conditions.

Residence pathway

As with all green list work to residence occupations, the residence pathway will be available from 29 September 2023 providing the applicant has completed 2 years of work experience in New Zealand in one of the required occupations. The work-to-residence visa is uncapped, with reviews after 12 months. As long as you are already on the 2-year pathway to residence before the sector agreement is removed, you will be eligible to continue the process.

Qualifying occupations include:

  • Truck drivers who primarily drive vehicles that require class 4 or class 5 licences
  • Bus Drivers working for an eligible employer in an eligible role (as with the median wage exemptions)
  • Ship’s masters with a Skipper Restricted Limits for 500GT endorsement or higher,
  • Deckhands with Qualified Deck Crew or higher qualifications.

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Steven Dunning
Licensed Immigration Adviser