The Immigration Minister has today announced a delay to controversial changes regarding work rights for partners of some temporary work visa holders. Greenstone Immigration had been waiting for these to come into effect in December 2022 but these have now been deferred to April next year. 

The changes signalled by Immigration are to affect the future ability of partners of some work visa holders to apply for work rights on their partnership visas. Instead, the plan was to direct partners to apply for their own Accredited Employer work visas if they wish to obtain the right to work. 

Many stakeholders from a range of industries have been opposing this suggested change at a time when labour shortages are so acute. 

This extension may be a short reprieve, however, as the Government appears convinced that there is still a need to limit work rights on partnership visas. 

We expect further announcements in early 2023. 


Stephan du Plessis 

Licensed Immigration Adviser