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Before 4 July 2022

Essential Skills Work Visas

The Essential Skills work visa category is still open for new work visas until 4 July 2022.  We strongly advise Employers to encourage their staff to reapply for essential stills work visas before this date.  There are fast tracked options for employees remaining in the same occupation, region and employer, which do not require any medical certificates, character checks or labour market checks.

Critical Purpose Work Visas

Employers who need to bring migrant workers into New Zealand before 4 July 2022 can do so through the Critical Purpose Work Visa (CPWV) Category.  There are numerous categories of Critical Purpose Workers, including a wide range of approved classes of workers.  Workers can also qualify for a CPWV is they earn at least 1.5 times the NZ median Wage.


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Accredited Employer Work Visa

Once you have an approved Job Check, you can invite your chosen migrant applicant to apply for an AEWV.   The applicant will need to meet the health, character, skills and experience requirements in order for the AEWV to be approved.  The salary for an AEWV must be at or above the median wage (currently $27 per hour) for the AEWV to be approved. Approved AEWV’s have a duration of three years.

Migrants on current work visas will need to apply for an AEWV upon expiry of their current visa.  They will also need to be paid at or above the median wage and be employed by an Accredited Employer to qualify for this AEWV.

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Variation of Conditions of visas

If you wish to employ a person already has an AEWV and who qualifies for a variation of conditions, Greenstone Immigration will assist in ensuring this process is completed correctly.  Existing Essential Skills work visa holders will also be able to apply for a variation of conditions under the essential skills visa category requirements and their employer will not need to have Accreditation.


Migrants that are paid at least 200% of the median wage will have a new pathway to residence in the future – this has not yet been finalised by Immigration New Zealand.  The remaining migrants will need to apply for residence under the Skilled Migrant Category.