Immigration has announced that AEWV holders, after 27th November 2023, may have the opportunity to extend the length of their work visas, for up to 5 years in many cases.

This is great news for migrants, considering the recently announced increase in the median wage to $31.61 per hour, coming into force in Feb 2024.

The changes planned are:

  • increasing the length of the AEWV for people earning at least the median wage from 3 years to 5 years, and
  • increasing the length of the AEWV for people in the care workforce sector who are paid at least the level 3 pay rate, from 2 years to 3 years.
  • Introducing a ‘maximum continuous stay’ for everyone who has an AEWV.

If your job and visa conditions remain the same, then you may be eligible for this visa extension. The added good news is that, if conditions are met, your employer may not need another Job Check.

More detailed information regarding the specifics of this change and related immigration fees will be provided soon.

This is a chance not to be missed for AEWV holders. Contact one of our  Licensed Immigration Advisers on 07-8501411, or email

Graydon Sharratt
Licensed Immigration Adviser