Investment and business categories are targeted at investors aiming to migrate to New Zealand through either establishing a business in New Zealand or investing in New Zealand.

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Entrepreneur Work Visa

If you are an entrepreneur and have identified a business opportunity within New Zealand, the Entrepreneur Work Visa may apply to you. This is a points-based application, with points being awarded for prior managerial and entrepreunerial experience, capital invested etc.

A successful Entrepreneur Visa applicant will be granted a three-year business visa with which to establish and grow their business. People who are granted an Entrepreneur Work Visa may also be able to apply for an Entrepreneur Residence Visa once they have operated their businesses for 2 years (or 6 months if they meet extra conditions). Among the many criteria set for the Entrepreneur category visa, an important one to note before you start your business planning is you’re your business must show it is high-growth, innovative or have export potential.

A number of Greenstone Immigration’s licensed immigration advisers hold post-graduate degrees in Economics, Law and Finance and have a strong background in business.  We will be able to assist you in all aspects of this category. For more details or assistance with applying for the visa, contact us today.

Migrant Investment Visas


In late 2022, the Investor One and Investor Two investment visa categories were replaced by the Active Investor Plus resident visa.

The Active Investor Plus visa category incentivises direct investment in New Zealand firms through a weighting system for investments, with direct investments being 3x more valuable than investments in listed equities or in philanthropic investments.

The minimum investment threshold to be eligible for this system is NZ$15 million or its weighted equivalent. There are also maximum investment thresholds in the Active Investor Plus visa for the different investment types, and investment types can be combined to meet the $15 million requirement.























The maximum investments ensure that investments in listed equities will not exceed 50% of the total investment required for the Active Investor Plus resident visa. Note also that bonds and property are only not considered eligible assets.

Active Investor Plus acceptable investment examples:

  • $5 million in direct investments (x3)
  • $7.5 million in listed equities (x1) and $7.5 million in Philanthropic investments (x1)
  • $4 million in direct investments (x3) and $3 million in philanthropic investments
  • $2 million in direct investments (x3) and $3 million in managed funds (x2) and $3 million in listed equities (x1)

The NZTE website contains detailed information on the different investment options available, making it easier to make informed decisions.

The Active Investor Plus system allows investors to enjoy greater flexibility in their investments.

Investment period

Investments must be for 48 months from when the nominated funds are transferred to acceptable investments.  During that investment period, Immigration NZ will review the investment at the end of 18 months, 36 months, and 48 months.

The investor must also spend at least 117 days in New Zealand within the 4-year investment period.

English Language requirements

Investors will need to have an acceptable level of English, equivalent to IELTS 5.0/PTE 36 to show that they can actively participate in New Zealand’s investment network and share their expertise.

In summary:

  • The new Active Investor Plus visa category replaces the existing Investor 1 and Investor 2 visa categories.
  • To be eligible for the Active Investor Plus category, a minimum investment of $5 million (if direct investment) is required.
  • The investment period for the funds is 48 months.
  • You must stay in the country for a total of 117 days or more within the 4-year period.
  • A minimum English level equivalent to IELTS 5.0 has been set for this category.

What makes an investment acceptable?

  1. An acceptable investment for the Active Investor Plus Visa requires an investment of funds which:
  2. Are not for the personal use of the applicant,
  3. Are invested in New Zealand in New Zealand currency, and
  4. Are invested in either one of more of the following:
    • Listed equities,
    • Philanthropy,
    • Managed funds, or
    • Direct investments.

Investment value is determined at the point of investment, along with associated charges such as management fees, brokerage fees, and transaction costs.


Property is not typically considered to be a worthwhile investment. Nevertheless, investing in Exchange-Traded Funds or managed funds that specialize in businesses related to property assets is a great way to add diversity to your equity portfolio. Investing in assets such as ETFs or managed funds allows you to gain steady returns over time. However, to make it a suitable investment option, the fund must have no more than 20% of its total assets invested in the property sector.

Employee of a relocating business

If you are a crucial employee of a business that is moving to New Zealand, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise will be able to support your relocation efforts. This category may be the right one for you, but only if you cannot qualify for residence under any other criteria.

If you include your family members in your relocation application, we can provide them with visitor or student visas while you complete the process of relocating the business.

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