Unlawfully in New Zealand? Resident visa declined? Liable for Deportation? We can help!

With our in-depth understanding of immigration laws and regulations, we can help you navigate the more challenging cases, including Section 61 requests, ministerial interventions or appeals to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal.

Greenstone Immigration’s licensed immigration advisers can:

  1. identify an appropriate application pathway for your unique circumstances,
  2. guide you through the complex processes so that you know what to expect,
  3. compile appropriate evidence and
  4. present a strong, persuasive case to Immigration NZ, the Minister of Immigration or the Immigration and Protection Tribunal.

We work with you to ensure you have the best possible chance of success, but will also be very transparent about the likelihood of success. No sugarcoating here! Contact one of our licensed advisers.

Section 61 requests

Section 61 requests provide an option for people who are in New Zealand unlawfully (past the expiry of the visa) to potentially regain their lawful status through the grant of a visa under Section 61. Immigration NZ has no obligation to consider a request under Section 61, so it is important to prepare the best possible submission before making the request.

Our experienced immigration advisers can assist you in preparing a strong, persuasive case to the Section 61 team at Immigration NZ to allow you to regain your lawful status in New Zealand. Contact one of our licensed advisers.


Appealing to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal is a critical step for individuals who have received an decision to decline an application from Immigration New Zealand. Appeals can be based on the facts of the case or based on humanitarian considerations depending on the appeal type.

We can assist in a wide range of appeals such as appealing residence visa declines, cancellation of a residence visa, or appealing against deportation for temporary and resident visa holders.

We can provide essential guidance in the appeal process by carefully analysing your case and the background circumstances, identifying the appropriate grounds for appeal, and preparing a comprehensive submission that effectively presents your case within the timeframe allowed. Contact one of our licensed advisers.

Ministerial interventions

When your case falls outside the normal immigration pathways or you have exhausted your other options, we can assist you in requesting a direct Ministerial intervention (a discretionary decision to grant or refuse to grant a visa) from the Minister of Immigration.

Leveraging our deep understanding of immigration law and policies, Greenstone Immigration’s licensed immigration advisers can work with you to preparing a compelling case that highlights the unique circumstances, humanitarian factors, or exceptional reasons that warrant the Minister’s intervention.

We collaborate closely with you to gather evidence, present legal arguments, and draft persuasive submissions that effectively advocate for your case. Contact one of our licensed advisers.

We can help

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