New Zealand Work Visas

Accredited Employer Work Visa in New Zealand


Accredited employer work visas (AEWV) are now the normal work visa pathway offered to migrants who have a job offer in New Zealand.

Job offers must pay at or above the median wage to qualify for an AEWV (with the exception of selected care workforce, construction/infrastructure or tourism/hospitality, transport and meat/seafood processing occupations).

The visa application process is divided into three distinct stages, of which the first two are completed by the employer:

  1. Employer Accreditation
  2. Job Check
  3. Accredited Employer Work Visa

Although you can be offered a job at any time, the actual AEWV application can only commence after the employer is accredited and has an approved job check.

The work visa application assesses a migrant worker’s character, identity, and health against Immigration NZ requirements, and assesses a migrant worker’s skills and experience against the employer’s job check requirements.

Employers must pay all the costs and fees inside and outside New Zealand for your recruitment, including the accreditation and job check stages. Migrant workers or employers can pay for the AEWV and relocation to New Zealand.

Note that obtaining a job offer in New Zealand is a key step towards obtaining residence, as Immigration New Zealand requires applicants to have skilled job offers when determining eligibility needed for residency under Skilled Residence categories.

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Job changes and work visa renewal

Work visas such as the Accredited Employer Work Visa are linked to a specific employer, location, and occupation. Therefore, if you are getting a promotion, moving to a new location or changing employer, you will need to apply for a variation of conditions to your existing work visa (now also called a job change) OR apply for a new work visa.

Migrants who are currently on an Essential Skills work visa (ESWV) may remain working on that visa until its date of expiry and can vary the conditions of the work visa to change jobs.  ESWV holders who wish to remain in New Zealand after the visa expires will need to find a job with an Accredited Employer, paying at or above the median wage, in order to apply for an AEWV.

From 7 April 2024, AEWV holders who are paid at or above the median wage and have a job which is at an ANZSCO Skill level 1-3, can extend their work visas to a five-year term.

Most AEWV holders who have a job which is at ANZSCO level 4 or 5 will have a maximum continuous stay of 3 years, except if they are

  • on the Green List;
  • in transport and care sector agreements and in a pathway to residence;
  • or earning 1.5 times the median wage.

After the maximum continuous stay is reached on an AEWV, those who cannot apply for residence will need to depart New Zealand and spend 12 consecutive months outside the country to be eligible for a further accredited employer work visa.

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New Zealand Working Holiday Visas

New Zealand has working holiday visa schemes for people aged 18 to 30 from various countries (18 to 35 from some selected countries), who would like to experience New Zealand through a working holiday.

Successful applicants will obtain a multiple entry visa which allows them a period to enter New Zealand and to travel in and out of New Zealand for the duration of their visa.

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Post Study Work Visas

Post Study Work Visas are available for those students who have completed a New Zealand bachelor degree or higher-level qualification, or some diplomas that are on the eligible list.

Post Study Work Visas have a duration of 1-3 years, depending on the length of time spent studying in New Zealand and the level of the qualification. Post Study Work Visas allow you to work for any employer in any location in any occupation in New Zealand.

Post-study work visas are also available to those who complete specific qualifications on the list of Qualifications Eligible for a Post Study Work Visa. However, work conditions will be restricted to jobs related to what you studied for these post study work visas.

Post grad


We can also assist in other work visa pathways including:

Specific purpose work visas

a work visa to complete a specific purpose in New Zealand such as installation, maintenance, business visits lasting longer than 3 months, etc.

Talent (Arts, Culture, Sports) work visas

a sponsored work visa for people with exceptional talent in your field of art, sport or culture

Religious worker work visa

a sponsored work visa for people with to advance their sponsor’s religious objectives

Migrant exploitation protection work visas

an open work visa for those who have reported exploitation

Victims of family violence work visas

for those who have been victims of family violence