Get in fast to apply with only 160 points.

After a 2-year break, the first skilled migrant EOI selection is happening on 9 November 2022, with the second on 18 January, and thereafter on the third Wednesday of every following month.

Am I eligible? 

Get in contact with us to discuss your eligibility for the skilled migrant category.

Points criteria 

Points criteria are unchanged for the first selection, but all future selections will require 180 points.

EOI selection Points required
9 November 2022 160
18 January 2023 180
Future EOI selections 180

Your points are based on skilled employment, skilled work experience, qualifications, age and partner qualifications.

What happens after selections?

All EOIs selected will be assessed by Immigration NZ. If they meet the eligibility criteria, an Invitation to apply will be issued. Expect the Invitation to apply to take a long time as there are a lot of EOIs in the pool.

What if I have a 2021 Resident visa in progress?

In this case, you should not apply for the Skilled Migrant category. Your 2021 resident visa will likely be processed faster. The only exception is if you do not meet the criteria for a 2021 one-off residence visa.

What if I have an EOI submitted already?
  1. Check your EOI to make sure all details are correct.
  2. Make sure your points meet the threshold.

If you do not meet the requirements, you can also withdraw your EOI and request a refund before 9 November 2022.

If an EOI is not selected, it expires if it is more than 6 months old.

Contact us for any assistance with your SMC application.

Steven Dunning

Senior Licensed Adviser