DeclinedTo many people, an NZ visa decline seems like the end of the road.  However, with the right approach and professional assistance, you can take proactive steps towards a solution.

Greenstone Immigration has more than 70 years of combined experience in preparing applications. Our licensed immigration advisers have the knowledge and expertise to help you turn the setback of a declined visa into an opportunity.  We have many instances where Greenstone have helped migrants overcome the hurdle of a declined visa and we can help you too.

Understanding the Reason for the decline

The first step we take is to evaluate the circumstances behind your declined NZ visa. Greenstone Immigration offers a free initial consultation with a licensed immigration adviser to understand your situation and the NZ visa options available to you. This consultation can be by email, phone, in person or online and helps us to identify the key reasons why your application was declined. While decline letters can be harshly written, many declines are able to be overcome by using the right strategies.

Making a plan:

Once we understand your situation, Greenstone Immigration prepares a plan to work with you in preparing the next steps. Depending on your situation, we may recommend a new application, an appeal to the Immigration & Protection Tribunal or to the Immigration Minister, a reconsideration, a delay, or an alternative path. We guide you through your visa options, identifying the best fit for your circumstances. We also provide a quote for our services for you to consider.

Setting up an agreement

As required for a licensed immigration adviser, once we have a clear plan, we will send you our agreement setting out the terms of engagement, the scope of our contracted service, our costs and other general terms. Once the agreement is signed, we start working to resolve your situation.

Preparing for and making the application

We will complete an Official Information Act request for the information Immigration New Zealand have on you and review all their notes and decisions.  It is not uncommon for case officers to make mistakes that can be rectified at a higher level.

We leverage our in-depth knowledge of New Zealand immigration policies and the Immigration Act 2009 to work with you in preparing your application or appeal. We will guide you in preparing the right explanations and evidence for your circumstances and visa type.

Once the evidence and explanations are prepared, we collate the documentation into a comprehensive application, including a compelling cover letter, to submit to Immigration NZ. Our goal is to ensure your application has the highest possible chance of success.

Planning for the future

Greenstone Immigration also understands that immediate solutions may not be enough to reach your ultimate goals. Therefore, as part of our discussions with you, we endeavour to provide you with the insights you need that can help you drive you towards your long-term immigration goals.

If your New Zealand visa application has resulted in a decline, contact us at Greenstone Immigration, and we can help understand your options and plan your next steps.

Steven Dunning
Licensed Immigration Adviser