Visitor Visas

Genuine tourists to New Zealand are able to apply for visitor visas for up to 9 months. Tourists from visa waiver countries and who are staying for a visit of 3 months or less do not need to apply for a visitor visa prior to arrival.

Visa Waiver Countries

Even if you are from a visa waiver country, it is important to note that you should still be a genuine visitor.  There is currently no visitor visa category in New Zealand that allows you to enter the country with the sole purpose of looking for a job.

All Other Countries

You need to apply for a visitor visa before you come to New Zealand.  You can apply for a maximum period of 9 months (in some cases 12 months) and you must show that you are a genuine visitor with bona fide reasons for being in the country.

Visitor visas to allow you to “look, see and decide” whether New Zealand is the right place for you can be tricky, as you need to be able to show your ability to return to your home country and that you will not undertake work in New Zealand.

We can assist you to ensure that the starting point on your journey to New Zealand is done correctly. For more information about visitor visas and to find out if you are living in a visa waiver country, please contact us today.

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New Zealand Student Visas

New Zealand is a popular destination for tertiary study, and studying at New Zealand universities can often lead to permanent residence in New Zealand.

Tertiary Student Visas - University or other

Most international students need to apply for a student visa before they are able to live and study in New Zealand.

Once a student has gained a New Zealand qualification, post-study work visas provide a pathway for finding suitable employment that may in time lead to permanent residence under the skilled migrant category.

If you would like help working through your tertiary student visa application please contact us, we would be happy to help.

Primary & Secondary School Student Visas

Primary and secondary students who are dependent children of some visa holders, such as mid-skilled work visa holders, are able to apply for student visas.

This allows them to study as domestic students at primary or secondary schools. Fees are also significantly lower than the international student fees.

Note that immigration policy varies, depending on the category of the principal visa holder, therefore if you need a visa for study. Contact us today to see which option may be best for you.

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With our in-depth understanding of immigration laws and regulations, we can help you navigate the more challenging cases, including Section 61 requests, ministerial interventions or appeals to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal.

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